No Gatenby Parents Name Gender Event Spouse Name Date Place witness Notes occupation
27 jane (spinster) william & ann BLACKBURN f burial
04-Apr-1871 ?
sub by JBaumga498@aol.com
60 kathleen
f christen
01-Jan-1893 ?
63 ralph
m marriage ann STEEL
86 andrew
m burial
25-Aug-1901 11 Russell Street, Thornaby on Tees age 69 Whitby Gazette http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeffery.knaggs/YDG.html
73 Joseph Bellamy Ernest & Edith May BELLAMY m christen
01-Jan-1922 27 Kitchener Street Darlington
born 1922
85 andrew
m burial
01-Feb-1900 30 Telford Street, North Ormesby age 57 Whitby Gazette http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeffery.knaggs/YDG.html
39 harriet john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
28-Dec-1864 bedale
f a lawson
37 jane ralph & ann STEEL f christen
10-Mar-1816 belford
24 richard robert & ann m christen
10-Mar-1793 carlton miniott
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR
66 roy(34)
m marriage nancy MAY(34) 25-Jun-49 Caversham, Oxon(?)
14 bettress GATINBEE jo f burial
01-Aug-1542 Cowick
from Snaith PR's book
75 ernie Ernest & Edith May BELLAMY m christen
01-Jan-1916 Darlington

67 ernest richard scaife m marriage edith mary BELLAMY 15-Nov-1911 Darlington
49 john
m burial jane ROBSON 26-Dec-1898 east rounton
f a lawson
64 fred
m marriage ? STEVENSON 30-Aug-41 Farndon Churchby the Rev Hawkins
http://www.newarkadvertiser.co.uk/bmd/2001/august01/310801/__018.html - Congratulations. Love, Susan, Mike, Mark and Laura
51 thomas jnr (26)
m marriage hannah BURTON (23) 05-Jan-1815 fulford chapel york
her of heslington
55 samuel GATTENBY george & jane m christen
18-Oct-1706 Gosport, Hampshire
87 andrew
m burial
23-Dec-1901 Haggersgate age 75 Whitby Gazette http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeffery.knaggs/YDG.html
52 ann (18)
f marriage james KIRBY (21) 16-Feb-1828 kirby pc

1 jane sp 20 william f marriage henry ATKINSON ba 24 01-Dec-1848 Leeds Parish church james A & edward monk (sub by Roy Lamonb)william G farmer thomas A tailor
89 thomas
m burial
25-Aug-1902 Liverton age 82 Whitby Gazette http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeffery.knaggs/YDG.html
34 frances of mickleby
f burial
18-Nov-1720 Lythe
from Lythe PR's
35 george of mickleby
m burial
12-Dec-1720 Lythe
from Lythe PR's
36 zachariah of scurry hall
m burial
28-Sep-1783 Lythe
from Lythe PR's yeoman
45 rose hannah john & jane(ROBSON) f burial frederick LAWSON 21-Apr-1913 middlesbrough
f a lawson diabetes
18 william john
m burial
06-Jan-50 Naburn
age 70 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York-of woodend farm Naburn
65 kathleen
f marriage Harry Thomas PATTENDEN 01-Jan-1919 NEWTON ABBOT REG DIST
http://www.kcckal.demon.co.uk/d62.htm She died in 1953 in NEWTON ABBOT REG DIST
61 kathleen
f burial
01-Jan-53 newton abbot reg district
56 william
m burial
21-Aug-1892 Northallerton
age 45 http://www.northallertonweb.co.uk
38 anne john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
05-Oct-1861 northallerton
f a lawson
41 margaret john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
03-Mar-1868 northallerton
f a lawson
40 mary jane john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
17-Jan-1866 northallerton
f a lawson
48 john richard & hannah USHER m marriage jane ROBSON 19-May-1861 northallerton
f a lawson
50 barbara george & hannah (LOFT) f burial
07-Jun-1793 oswaldkirk

69 richard skaife John & Mary Jane m marriage Elizabeth Ann HOUSEMAN (? 01-Mar-1881 ripon
free BMD…date Mar quarter
4 elizabeth
f marriage John NORTH 17-Aug-1840 Ripon Cathedral
son of Benjamin NORTH
10 mary sp
f marriage william ALLEN ba 06-Dec-1815 Romanby Northallerton

11 thomas wd
m marriage esther BYIERLEY wd 24-Mar-1817 Romanby Northallerton

5 jane hannah sp 28 john f marriage josephDUCKWORTH ba 26 06-Aug-1890 Sandhutton wm & martha jane duckworth john G farmer wm D painter schoolmaster
7 robinson ba 28 john m marriage jane ann WATSON sp 31 02-May-1885 Sandhutton dowthwaite & thos george watson eliz ann heath & eliz jacques court john G farmer dowthwaite W farmer farmer
6 william robinson ba 26 john m marriage catherine mary OGAR sp 23 22-May-1875 Sandhutton thomas G & ann stevenson john G lab john O'G gardner labourer
12 jane GATYNBY john f burial
01-Apr-1537 Snaith
from Snaith PR's book
13 robert GATINBY john m burial
01-Nov-1539 Snaith
from Snaith PR's book
53 emma
f burial william 17-Jan-34 sowerby
230. Cross
29 margaret
f burial robert 01-Mar-1721 sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR wife of robert
30 robert
m burial
05-Mar-1721 sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR weaver
54 william
m burial emma 20-Jan-56 sowerby
230. Cross
28 margaret robert f christen
24-Mar-1720 sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR weaver
22 richard robert m christen
02-Apr-1714 sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR weaver
2 thomas robert m christen
06-Oct-1715 Sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR weaver
23 thomas robert m christen
06-Oct-1716 sowerby
sub by Margaret Taylor from PR weaver
71 rachel jane john dixon GATENBY(Lamb and Flag Inn, Ripon) f marriage joseph WOOD of Ox Hill, Wharton 14-Apr-1863 St. Wilfred's Catholic Church, Ripon Rev. James ATKINSON Malton Messenger BMD's 25th April 1863 farmer
72 sarah (28) george(joiner) & ester WARD f marriage Charles POOL (42 wid) 20-Jan-1858 Stillingfleet
Farmer of Kelfield, son of Richard, Lab
84 george henry thomas
m burial matilda 09-Aug-1922 stockton
Durham Rd Cemetry
78 alfred Ernest GATENBY and Maud WALKER m christen


79 ernest george henry thomas & matilda m christen
05-Feb-1901 stockton

76 Ernest Frederick Ernest GATENBY and Maud WALKER m christen
05-Jan-1921 Stockton

82 ethel george henry thomas & matilda f christen
28-Sep-1902 stockton

81 lilian george henry thomas & matilda f christen
14-Apr-1899 stockton

77 stanley Ernest GATENBY and Maud WALKER m christen


83 violetta george henry thomas & matilda f christen
26-Dec-1897 stockton

80 ernest
m marriage maud WALKER 30-Jul-1918 stockton Parish Church

58 elizabeth robert & isabella f marriage john HARE 01-Jan-1876 thirkelby ??
date approx
9 christopher ba coxold robert m marriage elizabeth HOGG sp 26-Nov-1845 Thirsk mary ann leeming & r butterwick robert G lab labourer
8 elizabeth sp 23 william f marriage john hobb BATE ba 28 25-Nov-1852 Thirsk henry atkinson & r butterwick william G farmer hender B cordwainer tapper & mincer
43 rebecca john & jane(ROBSON) f burial
28-Aug-1883 trenholme bar hutton rudby
f a lawson
47 joseph john & jane(ROBSON) m christen
26-Jul-1879 trenholme bar hutton rudby
f a lawson
42 rebecca john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
10-Oct-1870 trenholme bar hutton rudby
f a lawson
44 rose hannah john & jane(ROBSON) f christen
22-Jan-1877 trenholme bar hutton rudby
f a lawson
88 thomas
m burial
25-Feb-1902 Union Workhouse age 66 Whitby Gazette http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jeffery.knaggs/YDG.html
46 rose hannah john & jane(ROBSON) f marriage frederick LAWSON 21-Jan-1905 west hartlepool
f a lawson
21 john gawthorpe
m burial
09-Feb-1859 wetherby
age 4 buried at Wetherby cemetery
59 margaret thomas & hannah(NOBLE) f marriage john frederick LEGG 21-Jun-1873 whitby

57 thomas william & mary m marriage hannah NOBLE 22-Jan-1842 Whitby
dau of James and Mary NOBLE...date 1842
17 gladys
f burial
23-Aug-46 York
age 50 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York-died at Naburn York
16 percival
m burial
16-Apr-1925 York
age 38 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York-of 31 Noth Parade York
20 thomas
m burial
26-Mar-55 York
age 81 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York-of 50 horner st York
15 esther
f burial
17-Feb-1920 York county hospital
age 42 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York
19 john
m burial
04-Apr-52 York general hospital
age 74 buried at Fulford cemetery S of York